Floral design studio based in San Francisco focused on the wild, romantic, and intentional led by Amanda Terpstra. Our floral design services involve working with clients to tell their story through the flowers and details in their event. Through this process we bring intention to every design for every event.

Style . The composition of our designs is influenced by the wild and the romantic. We find harmony in organically composed arrangements and we strive to infuse our designs with intentionality, creating florals and curating design elements that reflect the couples we work with.

Design . We believe that flowers have a language, represented through their traditional meaning, their movement, their color, the feelings they evoke, and their personal sentiment. Amanda dreams up designs based on the stories my couples share. Our hope is that our arrangements are remembered for their beauty and their meaning.

Intention . We acknowledge that our industry like so many others, does create waste. This work takes a toll on our earth and therefore the very materials we use to create beauty. Mandolin designs intentionally with sustainability in mind. Creating with nature is a great gift, this is not lost. In gratitude, a portion of profits from each event is donated to charitable causes.

photo by  Michele Beckwith